Eat properly before and during physical exertion

eat-properlyAs we know, water is essential for life more than food, and will always be something that we have to take any outdoor activity of some physical intensity or duration. Water is not only necessary for drinking, but can also be useful (for example) to clean a wound by applying first aid. Therefore always be taken into account, and know for sure where in the road is water (whether natural or artificial sources), and in any case bring water reserve in case, if only to have along the route to any incident.

The food is less necessary, especially during take less than a day (especially if we ate well before you leave). But it all depends, of course, our level of training and practice, because maybe there can be a person who has no problem with not eating for 5 hours, others at the slightest physical effort they whet the appetite.

Pregnancy and Travel

  • Is this really the time to travel? All pregnant women should ask themselves the question of the need to travel and assess the risks to her health and her baby. Complications abroad can be life-threatening and this risk varies according to destination and type of trip. If the pregnancy is progressing in a satisfactory condition and the doctor sees no cons-indication to travel, the best time to travel is the second trimester. Before leaving, plan a complete obstetrical examination recorded in the book of pregnancy with marked different analyzes and contact your doctor.
  • Food and Hygiene: Some diseases transmitted by food or water are particularly severe during pregnancy (toxoplasmosis, hepatitis A and E, listeriosis among others). Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Drink boiled drinks or encapsulated. Avoid raw vegetables, seafood, unpasteurized cheeses and undercooked meat.