deepth control

Fishing Tips: Depth Control

deepth control

The first step in steelheading with a float is to adjust for proper depth. Your goal is to place your bait or lure about one foot above the bottom. If your float continually drags under or tips downstream as it drifts through the run you a dragging bottom. Shorten the distance between float and lure until you can make the drift without touching bottom.

Your float should drift at the same speed as the current. When your float is upstream from you it should sit straight up and down in the water. As your float passes in front of you begin free spooling line while gently thumbing the spool to maintain just enough tension to tilt the top of the float slightly back upstream.


Fishing Tips: Detecting Strikes

fishing-tipsVeteran steelheaders tell us the one skill that separates the top rods from the wannabes is the ability to feel the subtle pick-up of a steelhead. Learning the elusive difference between a pick-up and a rock is vital, but difficult. With floats the angler immediately sees that a fish is mouthing their bait. Even the novice will be able to detect most pick-ups.

Strikes are signaled in one of two ways. The most obvious strike indicator is the sudden sinking of the float. If you have properly adjusted the distance from your float to the lure, only a fish can cause it to sink. STRIKE!!!