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Mike Lazarus Muskie Guides

Qubec Canada

he makes trophy muskie fishing look so easy!

mike with musike fishTo most muskie fishermen, catching a 50-inch fish represents a lifetime ambition; only a handful ever attain this goal. In one year Mike Lazarus boated and released 29 muskies that were 50 inches or longer! Very few fishermen have ever seen muskies of over 40 pounds in their lifetimes. Lazarus’s caught 17 muskies over 40 pounds in one season, including one over 50 pounds, and a second giant that weighed 49.5 pounds!

Where is this prolific muskie hotspot and who is this Lazarus character? The answers are surprising. The waters are near Montreal, Quebec and are a closely guarded secret (Mike has had numerous offers from outdoor magazines and television programs to publicize his guiding service, but for obvious reasons he has refused). Anglers can literally fly to Montreal early in the morning and be fishing a short time after they clear customs. While locals have known of these rivers’ muskie potential, few outsiders have had an inkling.