EL pescador

El Pescador – BELIZE

classic tarpon fishing on the flats as well as many other species for spinning, plug-casting and fly fishermen

EL pescadorThe shadow of a cruising tarpon appears in the transparent, clear waters of El Pescador’s flats as it ghosts towards your staked out skiff. The meeting with the silver king arrives quicker than anticipated–there’s no time to attend to the knot in your stomach.

The cast unfurls accurately, the fly lands softly, and the tarpon sees it. The take is gentle, the fly disappears in the bucket-sized mouth, and you set hook. In a few seconds, the slack fly line rasps through the guides, then comes tight onto the screeching reel. Shooting straight up, the silver tarpon hangs momentarily in the air, like a Chet Reneson painting. In the next time span, you will experience one of the great thrills of fishing.