Diving In The Red Sea At Sharm El Sheikh

What once was a modest fishing village at the tip of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula is now a world class resort area with famous diving spots. Sharm El Sheika is now the home of “Sharmies” who are hosts to divers and vacationers seeking an exotic trip to Egypt and theq Red Sea.

Sharm El Sheikh Diving

During the Isralea presence in the area near Mount Sinai between 1967 and 1982, tourist-oriented establishments began springing up including a marina hotel, diving clubs, the Naama Bay Hotel and what is now a well-known promenade. The Egyptians continued the trend toward tourism.

Sharm El Sheikh Vacations

The climate here is subtropical arid, or hot desert with January high temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. August highs are in the 90s. The waters of the Red Sea are warmed year-around by the warm air temperatures, making a trip to Egypt very exciting to anyone anytime of the year.


Topwater Fishing

The topwater plug has got to rate right at the top when it comes to the different baits and the kind of reaction they draw when they are presented just right.

From the subtle” tap tap “on a Texas rig worm, to the solid “thump” we feel on a deep diving crank bait, each bait has own characteristics as far as how the bass “feels” on the strike.

But Topwaters, oh the mighty topwaters. I guess you could say I cut my teeth on a Tiny Torpedo, and yes, it was clear, on the stock ponds around East Texas and the big pond, Toledo Bend.

I want to share a few secrets with you about this kind of fishing and a bait that very few anglers use. Therefore, if your one of the inquisitive minds that search for new and useful information, then this is payday for you.

Let me cut right to the chase on this awesome, but rarely used topwater bait {Heddon doesn’t sponsor me so lets get that out of the way}