Alaska Regional Roundup


365 Million Acres of Adventure

I’m a born-and-bred Alaskan with eighteen-plus years to my credit — and yet I’ve spent most of that time in one small corner of the state. No matter where you think you’ve been or what you think you’ve done, you cannot pull a”been there, done that” attitude in the Last Frontier. It’s just too big and too diverse. Within this single state there are 365 million acres of rushing freshwater rivers and crashing salty coastline; towering peaks and flat expanses; tufty tundra and lush rain forest. Separate Alaska by region and you have four very different destinations.

Even clipping along at a million acres a day, covering Alaska would take an entire year. We cannot exhaustively explore (or even describe) the forty-ninth state, so here’s a taste of what each region is like:


In Remote Areas, Spread Use

camping-preparationRemote or pristine areas, often referred to as being “off-trail,” are typically seldom visited and show little sign of human use. The Northeast’s extensive trail systems provide a great variety of hiking routes and access to most popular destinations. With no established path, terrain is often difficult, and vegetation thick. As such, there is little need to travel off-trail. However, if you do choose to explore beyond the established trails, go only if you have knowledge of minimum-impact practices and a commitment to Leave No Trace.