Never leave your backpack

back-packNo matter what kind of bag you’re buying for your outdoor adventures, we recommend that you never abandon them. The most obvious reason for this advice is not being stolen, we must also take into account that the unaccompanied baggage is almost always removed for fear that the case of an explosive device planted by a terrorist.

But particularly outdoors, leave a backpack for allegedly going to find it later means running a great risk unnecessarily. In the mountains, in the middle of the dunes of a desert, jungle and even in the plain, it can be difficult to find with sufficient accuracy to return to the same site that was abandoned a few hours or days earlier.


Outdoor Activities: Bring appropriate clothing and footwear

outdoor-clothingWear clothing and footwear appropriate to the terrain that we will pass, and the expected weather for the day. It is convenient to turn to dress in layers. This implies, therefore, be informed in advance as to the earth and the weather forecast, or else on the recommendations of the managers of the excursion.