Lake Ontario and Lake Erie

Lake Ontario and Lake Erie fishing

Lake Ontario and Lake ErieBeagle Charters is a full time, professional guide service on Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, available 7 days a week, April through September, from Point Breeze, New York. Hook up with big, hard fighting trophy King Salmon, Steelhead Trout, Lake Trout, and Brown Trout, that reach up to 40 pounds, on Lake Ontario. These fish jump, run, and fight all the way to the boat and sometimes this can take an hour’s time. A day’s catch will not fit in your cooler. Lake Ontario has the world’s best, fresh water bite! People of all ages have fun catching fish aboard The Beagle. Families, children, and corporate groups are welcome. Catch great tasting Walleye Pike on Lake Erie, the “Walleye Capital” of the world. The walleye reach 15 pounds and are caught during the months of June, July, and August from the port of Barcelona, New York on The Beagle.


Pine Island Lodge

Pine_IslandOne of the many advantages of Pine Island Lodge (PIL) is its accessibility. Anglers fly to Winnipeg, Manitoba, are met at the airport and driven by van to Pointe du Bois: From there, it’s one-half hour by boat to camp (a most scenic and enjoyable by the way). No overnights. Quick and easy.

PIL is located at the remote boundary of Manitoba’s Whiteshell Forest on the famous Winnipeg River system. The lodge is 22 miles from the nearest road, and can only be reached by boat or float plane.

Pine Island Lodge is nestled on 17-acre private island, among the spruce, birch and pines. The Winnipeg River is not what most anglers imagine when they think of a “river.” The Winnipeg has huge lake-like areas with large bays studded with spruce and birch covered islands, rocky reefs that border immense weed beds, submerged gravel bars that stair-step from 8 to 100 feet of water. The coves and inlets are fringed with lily pads and wild rice.

muskie guide

Mike Lazarus Muskie Guides

Qubec Canada

he makes trophy muskie fishing look so easy!

mike with musike fishTo most muskie fishermen, catching a 50-inch fish represents a lifetime ambition; only a handful ever attain this goal. In one year Mike Lazarus boated and released 29 muskies that were 50 inches or longer! Very few fishermen have ever seen muskies of over 40 pounds in their lifetimes. Lazarus’s caught 17 muskies over 40 pounds in one season, including one over 50 pounds, and a second giant that weighed 49.5 pounds!

Where is this prolific muskie hotspot and who is this Lazarus character? The answers are surprising. The waters are near Montreal, Quebec and are a closely guarded secret (Mike has had numerous offers from outdoor magazines and television programs to publicize his guiding service, but for obvious reasons he has refused). Anglers can literally fly to Montreal early in the morning and be fishing a short time after they clear customs. While locals have known of these rivers’ muskie potential, few outsiders have had an inkling.


Brabant Lodge

one of Canada’s six best pike lakes!

brabant_lodge canada
Brabant Lodge Canada
The Mackenzie River, near Great Slave Lake, has long been considered “one of Canada’s six best waters for northern pike fishing.” Brabant Lodge, strategically located on the Mackenzie, takes full advantage of numerous great pike fishing areas.

Northern pike in the eight- to 12-pound class are typical, and nearly all lodge guests will tangle with a number of pike that exceed 15 pounds and quite a few guests succeed in landing pike 20 or more pounds. 25 pounders are possible season round. In addition to big fish,anglers are kept busy with lots of action: it’s not uncommon to land 50 pike in a day’s efforts.

Club Beauchêne club

Club Beauchêne

possibly the world’s largest smallmouth bass

Club Beauchêne fishingPound for pound, the smallmouth bass is the gamest freshwater species–so claimed Dr. Henshall. Despite its many attractive qualities, the world of the smallmouth is dwindling, and locating quality Canadian bass water is getting to be a difficult proposition.

Situated just across the Ontario border in western Quebec, the Beauchêne Reserve has been a premier smallmouth fishery for many decades, and today stands as one of the most productive spots anywhere in Canada. Although it began as an exclusive sportsman’s club for executives, Beauchêne has been available to the public for many years. Though the facilities have been upgraded consistently, the many charms of the original Beauchêne have not been lost.

Little Churchill Lodge bigfish

Little Churchill Lodge

Waters of giant pike and golden walleyes

Little Churchill Lodge fishingLight tackle fishing for northern pike is gaining popularity rapidly among freshwater anglers. The pike has a lot going for it. It can grow to over 20 pounds, it’s aggressive, will hit surface lures and in the cool waters of northern Canada it’s an excellent fighter and leaper.

One of the best places for trophy pike are the camps under the Little Churchill Lodge umbrella.Little Churchill Lodge is located on Waskiawaka Lake, really a severe widening of the Churchill River. Within minutes of the lodge anglers will find dozens of protected bays, each of which could harbor plenty of large pike. In the spring, pike prowl the shallowest of these coves, cruising the knee deep water like bonefish on a flat.


Cooper’s Minipi Camps Canada

possibly the world’s best brook trout waters

Cooper's_Minipi_CampsThough his passion for Atlantic salmon is well documented, many anglers don’t realize that the late Lee Wulff was responsible for discovering and developing what is probably the world’s finest brook trout fishery: the Minipi watershed of Labrador. Lee spent many weeks exploring what was then, and still is, an exceptionally remote region. His single-engine float plane enabled him to land on virtually any body of water he wanted to explore. Minipi was his type of place.

After his discovery of the Minipi, Wulff’s next problem concerned conservation. He didn’t want this fragile fishery exploited so he kept it a secret until he found a camp owner who would operate under strict catch-and-release guidelines. Although the camps have changed hands several times over the years, these same strong conservation ethics still apply, and most would probably agree the trout fishing remains as good as any other place in the world.