Bonefish Lodge Exuma, Bahamas

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The Fishing:
Over sixty miles of flats surround Exuma, Bahamas providing some of the world’s very best bonefish habitat. The fine white sand and “gin clear” waters are tailor-made for wading or fishing from a skiff. Vast schools of three- to six-pound bonefish provide unparalleled excitement and opportunity for even the novice fly fisherman. For the more experienced anglers who prefer the tougher challenges, there are smaller pods of larger bonefish. Each year, bones of over 10 pounds are hooked; usually you will find these double-digit fish as loners, sometimes in doubles. Occasionally, you will see the wary permit cruising and feeding the edges of these flats, and, of course, there are the ever-present barracuda to offer a diversion.

The Guides:
They belong to the Exuma Guides’ Association and are hard working, friendly, knowledgeable and can be of great help to the novice or the experienced fly fisherman. They are all fly fishermen who have participated in a certification program that includes: fly casting instruction, fly-tying, knot-tying, First Aid and CPR. You will also find them to be sensible environmentalists who place great importance on the maintenance of their resource.