Batteries, digital cameras and low temperatures

Besides these precautions will be taken into account, once outside, the batteries and any type of battery (and even some cameras themselves) tend to be influenced negatively by the cold. Most often, the batteries hold less or downloaded to some extent, if only momentarily while there are low temperatures.

Although there are new types of cells that resist low temperatures, or even video cameras and, taking into account this fact, remain more isolated so that they appear less affected by cold, the fact is that there is still no completely foolproof system to fully protect the batteries from the cold. Some questions you may have in mind to minimize these effects are:



Taking care of your batteries in outdoor

taking-care-of-your-batteriesThus, we might say that the battery is the “Achilles heel” of digital cameras, and so in principle requires (directly or indirectly) more carefully. In this sense, we must take into account first, from prevention, the following:

Remember that batteries should not come into contact with metal surfaces or poles together, as they may download or even cause a fire. Take them isolated from each other and other surfaces, properly loaded and protected from water, sun, weather in general and of the blows.