Umba River-kola2

Umba River

one of the world’s finest of all Atlantic salmon waters

Umba River-kolaSalmon fishermen went through very tough times for many years as the domain of their favorite species shrunk considerably. Then the discovery of the marvelous angling in Russia’s Kola Peninsula occurred and salmon fishermen everywhere rejoiced.

Among the very best on the Kola Peninsula is the Umba River. Located on the southern coast of the Kola, the Umba is one of the most productive rivers in a region where salmon migrations overwhelm those in other parts of the world.


Cooper’s Minipi Camps Canada

possibly the world’s best brook trout waters

Cooper's_Minipi_CampsThough his passion for Atlantic salmon is well documented, many anglers don’t realize that the late Lee Wulff was responsible for discovering and developing what is probably the world’s finest brook trout fishery: the Minipi watershed of Labrador. Lee spent many weeks exploring what was then, and still is, an exceptionally remote region. His single-engine float plane enabled him to land on virtually any body of water he wanted to explore. Minipi was his type of place.

After his discovery of the Minipi, Wulff’s next problem concerned conservation. He didn’t want this fragile fishery exploited so he kept it a secret until he found a camp owner who would operate under strict catch-and-release guidelines. Although the camps have changed hands several times over the years, these same strong conservation ethics still apply, and most would probably agree the trout fishing remains as good as any other place in the world.