Central Arizona hunting

central-arizona-huntingLicensed guide Dave Carlson will use his tracking experience and familiarity with Arizona to ensure you have an exciting and memorable hunt. Hunt Mt. Lions in rugged Central Arizona when it fits your schedule. The season here runs year around with the best time to hunt being October through April. Unlike many other states that offer lion hunting you don’t have to sit at home waiting for it to snow and than hoping you can get time offwork to go. Nor do you need to get drawn for a permit.

These lion hunts are a fair chase western adventure. No sitting in a motel waiting for some guide and his partners to find a track crossing a road in the snow. You will be riding mules or horses watching some cold nosed hounds working hard, to hopefully cut and then finish a lion track for you. It is very possible that a lion hunt can turn into the most physical hunt you’ve had, often 8-12 hrs. of riding and walking ,be ready for some fun. Nights are spent in houses, tents or travel trailers. Dave will surely entertain you with a tale or two of his years of mountain lion hunting.