santa barbara spring fishing

Spring fishing in Santa Barbara Channel

santa barbara spring fishingWe take our salmon fishing mighty seriously on the Santa Barbara Channel. That’s because this is as far down the coast as salmon are caught in appreciable numbers. The season begins about early March and gets going strong by April. The bite frequently lasts well into June and sometimes beyond. These are the best salmon of all – kings (Chinook). Smaller fish are 12 to 15lbs, and they range up to over 30lbs. When one of these magnificent fish hits the deck, high-fives and backslaps are in order!

There are two basic methods for catching these salmon; mooching and trolling. The big open-party sportboats must mooch because they have too many people aboard to troll. Mooching entails anchoring or drifting over big baitballs and lowering a bait on light line and a small hook. The light tackle makes catching a big fish alot of fun. I prefer trolling because I know that over the course of a season I can hook up with more fish for my passengers by covering some territory and dragging irresistible objects in front of the salmon. Downriggers and weight releases can be used with equal effectiveness. A flasher blade imitates a school of baitfish, and the bait or lure trails along behind.

silver king lodge big fish

Silver King Lodge

one of the most majestic tarpon and snook lodges of all of Central America” The PanAngler.

silver king lodge fishingUnquestionably one of the greatest experiences an angler can have is to witness a big tarpon leap skyward– five or six feet out of the water–and then come crashing on the water’s surface, splintering it into thousands droplets of water. And that’s only the beginning. In the next time frame–whether it’s only minutes or over an hour–the lucky angler will be tested by one of their strongest, most dramatic gamefish of the world. One of the very best places to experience this wonderful scene over and over again is at Silver King Lodge, on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Silver King Lodge has emerged over the past few seasons as a world-class tarpon and snook fishing resort. Situated in a lush, tropical environment on the banks of the Rio Colorado River, it offers matchless accommodations to compliment the challenging fishing.


El Ocotal – Costarica

ther is a jewel of a fishing resort on the Pacific coast…it’s El Ocotal

El-OcotalBillfishing is one of the most exciting facets of fishing. A trip may start out slowly, but then,that giant bill suddenly appears from nowhere and begins to slash at the bait.

The boat comes alive. “Mar-leen!” the mate yells. For an instant confusion wins out, but then the drill that you played over and over again shifts into gear. The marlin hits and begins those spectacular greyhounding leaps for freedom. The reel screams. The engine roars. Line melts off the reel. The captain is in hot pursuit of marlin. Thrill of billfishing; the magnetic excitement that draws anglers to El Ocotal, the posh resort on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.


Pine Island Lodge

Pine_IslandOne of the many advantages of Pine Island Lodge (PIL) is its accessibility. Anglers fly to Winnipeg, Manitoba, are met at the airport and driven by van to Pointe du Bois: From there, it’s one-half hour by boat to camp (a most scenic and enjoyable by the way). No overnights. Quick and easy.

PIL is located at the remote boundary of Manitoba’s Whiteshell Forest on the famous Winnipeg River system. The lodge is 22 miles from the nearest road, and can only be reached by boat or float plane.

Pine Island Lodge is nestled on 17-acre private island, among the spruce, birch and pines. The Winnipeg River is not what most anglers imagine when they think of a “river.” The Winnipeg has huge lake-like areas with large bays studded with spruce and birch covered islands, rocky reefs that border immense weed beds, submerged gravel bars that stair-step from 8 to 100 feet of water. The coves and inlets are fringed with lily pads and wild rice.


Lake Obabika Lodge

splendid smallmouth bass fishing coupled with magnificent accomodations

Obabika_LodgeLake Obabika Lodge pampers you with its ultra attractive accommodations, high degree of personal service and gourmet meals. But Lake Obabika Lodge also provides some of the finest fishing for the spectacular smallmouth bass.

Lake Obabika is a fertile watershed that hosts huge populations of feisty smallmouth bass. Although you can drive right to the lodge, there’s no public access so fishing pressure is limited to lodge guests and the potential for fast action and trophy smallies remains strong. Two- to three-pound bass are common and anglers could tangle with even larger bass. The typical Ontario bass lake often turns out its best fishing during the early weeks of the season, late May through mid-June. But historically Obabika’s cold, clear waters produce better sport later in the summer, starting in early July, when the days are warmer and sunny.

Blackwater company fishing

The Blackwater Company


wild rainbows amidst spectacular scenery

Blackwater companyLocated in the central interior of British Columbia, the Blackwater River drains a vast hinterland from the Coast Range Mountains eastward through the Fraser Plateau to the Fraser River. Expansive grasslands and muskeg swamps with countless trout-filled lakes in the headwaters provide a slow release effect which maintains optimum river fishing conditions.

The Blackwater ranges in width from 75 to 150 feet with a number of rocky canyons that narrow to less than ten feet as it cuts deeper through the plateau to the Fraser River. You often see bald eagles, osprey and kingfishers feeding along the bank, black bear, moose or mule deer on a sunny gravel bar.


Fishing Unlimited

really two lodges in one (for privacy), on some of Alaska’s great trout and salmon waters

Alaska_fishladyFor the uninitiated, the sheer volume of fish an angler may encounter in Alaska is an overwhelming experience that every fisherman should enjoy at least once in a lifetime. In the heart of the Iliamna drainage, home waters to Fishing Unlimited, there are literally hundreds of thousands of salmon that annually return to the rivers here to spawn. This huge region encompasses over 30,000 square miles. It’s laced by a number of major rivers and hundreds of smaller tributaries that lead directly to the ocean. Any one of them, may yield the fishing trophy of a lifetime.

Anti-fishing campaigns

PETA’s (The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) active anti-fishing campaign has been successful in Europe, and now it has brought its “trunk show” to the U.S. PETA claims more than 450,000 members among its allied associations. One of the organization’s goals is to stop sportfishing at all costs because PETA considers it cruel. PETA has mapped out a tremendous PR campaign that encompasses every possible angle, and it has established a network of protesters that is unbelievably persistent and testy.

PETA’s multi-pronged program is based on anti-fishing propaganda, protests and even more aggressive, if not belligerent, tactics such as, throwing rocks in streams and when anglers are fishing, using SCUBA divers to disrupt tournaments (by scaring off fish and even cutting lines), defacing fishermen’s vehicles with anti-fishing slogans, etc.