Mission Lodge Alaska

the ultimate fishing lodge featuring daily fly out trips

mission_lodgeAs the plane banks towards the river, the shadows on the stream bed begin to move. It’s a pulse-quickening sight as hundreds of salmon scatter, alarmed by the overhead float plane. Minutes later a strong salmon streaks away against the angler’s arcing rod and screeching reel. In the heart of the Bristol Bay wilderness, this is an everyday experience, a pleasure afforded to a cadre of lucky anglers who are guests at Mission Lodge at Lake Aleknagik.


Dave Egdorf’s Western Alaskan Sportfishing

giant rainbows and fast salmon fishing–almost at your doorstep!

western_alaska_bigcatchIn the clear Alaskan currents it’s easy to see the giant rainbows, their olive backs dark against the clean pebbled bottom. When a mouse (or more accurately,a lemming) imitation plops noisily next to the bank and begins its swing across the river’s surface, the trout crashes the large fly and you’re in for an incredible battle. Guests fishing with Dave Egdorf’s Western Alaska Sportfishing often concentrate on the many large rainbows with large mouse or other bulky patterns.

Egdorf’s tent camp operation is situated on the banks of the Nushagak, one of the most prolific watersheds in Alaska’s Bristol Bay region. Being portable, they can easily relocate up or down the river, wherever the fishing is at its best.