1000 and 1 things you can do outdoors: third, rest of the politicians.

If you plan ahead, you can get to an outdoor outlet in which politicians do not bother even once their electoral projects tasteless.

Here you can not catch a single FM radio or cellular signal or any mobile phone operator …¡¡ as close to paradise!

It is very simple, just try not to take any means of electronic contact with civilization, while ensuring that none of his fellow political activity is (God forbid!) Or affection to talk politics. Because if it has any means of communication, of course that the policy will achieve it, and instantly go from being a person outdoor recreation, a concerned citizen or indifferent for his country.

Denali high country fishing

Denali highlands adventures

Denali high country fishingWe are located at 18.5 mile on the Denali Highway in the heart of the Denali high country. We offer superb fishing for grayling, lake trout, rainbow trout, burbot, and salmon.

Transportation to and from the camp on the Denali will be provided from the Fairbanks Intn’l Airport. From camp to the fishing areas will be done by your own personal 4-wheeler (ATV) which we will provide. Instruction will be given to those who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the operation of these ATVs.

Our guide will escort you to spectacular fishing areas, while traveling through the pristine Denali highlands!

  • To photograph some of the most majestic country and scenery that Alaska has to over!
  • To capture on film the rich and varied wildlife that you will encounter during your trip!
  • To record the highlights of this most unforgettable experience!
  • To help recall to memory in years to come the pleasure, excitement, and emotion of this adventure into the Alaskan wilderness!