The mental strength endurance.

Since many assumptions can reach this conclusion.

When you have driven in mountainous wild, unexplored and away from the tourist circuit. When you see the behavior of different members of groups exploring along different trips, it can be quickly reached.

It sometimes happens that people with little or no training can exceed their fatigue, while trained athletes with bodies apparently in excellent physical condition have end up abandoning the effort of a rise in “endless.”


Recommendations for the care of the environment in outdoor activities

outdoor-activitiesWhenever we are in nature, in the field, in the mountains, or in any natural setting, ie, away from civilization, in contact with wild fauna and flora, clean air and other ecological delight with which we enjoy we move outdoors, it is logical that we try to avoid any possible negative impacts that harm the environment we cherish, transforming it from a little in that of which we can always escape: the city and pollution.


No littering, and lift if we find

lift-upNo littering, and lift if you are on the road, on-site camping, etc.., Disposed of in the right place. If in our country there is the possibility of dividing the garbage for recycling (in organic, paper, glass, plastics and packaging, etc..) Separate it into different bags to do so right there if I could, or around our output.

Particularly toxic waste and should never be discarded in nature are the batteries, even as they may contain heavy metals that pollute nearby waterways or groundwater in addition to the land. On the other hand, we know that, for example, activities such as hunting and its associated waste (ammunition bullets or lead shot), cause high mortality among birds then eat plants grown in soil contaminated with the heavy metal.


Do not smoke or light fires

forestSmoking is not only contradictory when trying to enjoy outdoor exercise and a natural environment, but may be the cause of a wildfire, and discomfort for the rest of non-smokers, smokers who do precisely the nature outings to forget the cigarette and the local fauna.

Either way, it is forbidden to light fires for any reason in many areas in all seasons, and particularly during the spring-summer, precisely to prevent fires.


Follow the path or paths marked

outdoor-pathLeaving the trail, track or path that we follow is a bad idea. As much to say that the “hiker makes his way to walk” in hiking, biking, horseback riding and other outdoor activities on land that is, from the point of view of safety, efficiency and ecology counterproductive.

Failure to follow the paths or roads (in single file behind the guide head, if necessary) results in increased soil erosion and damage to fauna and flora, makes walking, cycling or horse should walk normally more distance or more roads complicated (increased fatigue or loss of time) or even potentially dangerous areas (edges of cliffs, rocks badly settled, etc.)


Do not lose sight of the group


Never lose sight of the group. Especially if it goes back, we must never lose sight of the person immediately before us to prevent loss. This applies both to those who can stay behind and on the tail guide or “second” (the latter, which brings up the rear), and those who want to advance the guide head or “first” (which leads the way usually with more experience or knowledge of that particular trip), which can not be done.


outdoor activities: Stop at road junctions

junctionAs with the guidance of groups in any other outdoor activity (walking, cycling or horse) when he meets the road is just the guide, and those who still depend on their direction, must regroup people who formed the group in all branches, taking the time to make sure they are all (count them) and continue walking on the right path, without taking the wrong.

When there are at least two guides (Guide or head first, and second-Guide, Guide broom, cola or “Seconds”) charged with the task of counting is the second. But if the second does not know the way and also depends on where you see the first, the latter must wait at junctions at least enough to see those who follow the path you take.


Provide rest and replenishment of water

outdoor-requirementAs discussed in more than one occasion, having water is crucial. But often find water along the way, and therefore we must set our stops, both to collect water to rest, at least in those points (abastecimietno of water) under compulsion (as well kill two birds with one stone .)

This is not an excuse for not carrying a reserve of water always personal. These places, therefore, must be seen as places to “refuel” our water, not just to drink water and follow the road without any reservation carry the liquid element.