Outdoor Equipment

outdoor-gearA walk outdoors can be a real pleasure, however, if you take a hike plan poorly or badly equipped, you may regret your experience greatly. Before leaving, here are some essential tips to follow for a ride well done.

Clothing for a successful outdoor excursion:

Hiking boots for hiking in the mountains or walking shoes for flat ground. Make sure you have shoes or boots with good quality breathing. Long pants or leggings. Short for the months May-September through November with a legging. Bring the two is a good idea. Sweater or polypropylene wool.


Take special memory card for your outdoor tour

memory-cardMemory cards or flash memory are another accessory virtually indispensable in most digital cameras today. At first almost all cameras come with internal memory to store images, but today most rely on external storage media (memory cards), and the best have a small internal memory as an alternative possibility, but which is not very wide. This evolution is that memory cards can expand storage space photos and videos, and store cards separately and then download them easily. Some recommendations already on the memory cards:

There are many types of cards (below we list the best known [1]). When choosing your camera before you buy, consider what type of card used, and how storage capacity and speed read-write support.