Hydrated and eat properly before and during physical exertion

outdoor-activitiesAs we know, water is essential for life more than food, and will always be something that we have to take any outdoor activity of some physical intensity or duration. Water is not only necessary for drinking, but can also be useful (for example) to clean a wound by applying first aid. Therefore always be taken into account, and know for sure where in the road is water (whether natural or artificial sources), and in any case bring water reserve in case, if only to have along the route to any incident.

The food is less necessary, especially during take less than a day (especially if we ate well before you leave). But it all depends, of course, our level of training and practice, because maybe there can be a person who has no problem with not eating for 5 hours, others at the slightest physical effort they whet the appetite.


Hiking routes and outdoor media and take guidance

map-compasThe mobile or cellular phone is becoming essential as a safety measure for groups who are active outdoors relatively far away from civilization. This is particularly true since fewer people have expertise in the group, with a mobile tool to use in case of emergency, and that one should never abuse without the consent of the Guide or the person responsible for the group.


outdoor activities: Stop at road junctions

junctionAs with the guidance of groups in any other outdoor activity (walking, cycling or horse) when he meets the road is just the guide, and those who still depend on their direction, must regroup people who formed the group in all branches, taking the time to make sure they are all (count them) and continue walking on the right path, without taking the wrong.

When there are at least two guides (Guide or head first, and second-Guide, Guide broom, cola or “Seconds”) charged with the task of counting is the second. But if the second does not know the way and also depends on where you see the first, the latter must wait at junctions at least enough to see those who follow the path you take.


Provide rest and replenishment of water

outdoor-requirementAs discussed in more than one occasion, having water is crucial. But often find water along the way, and therefore we must set our stops, both to collect water to rest, at least in those points (abastecimietno of water) under compulsion (as well kill two birds with one stone .)

This is not an excuse for not carrying a reserve of water always personal. These places, therefore, must be seen as places to “refuel” our water, not just to drink water and follow the road without any reservation carry the liquid element.


Set the course depending on the time of daylight

courseObviously, going outside without regard to artificial lighting there is minimal media, and most of the time nonexistent, is making a mistake typical citizen is not accustomed to the field to be avoided. The extreme case where the light is absolutely essential is the activities caving, not exactly in the air “free”, but activities in the natural environment.

But without these extremes, in any other activity multivamentura, when the sun sets the light we have to put … whether in the form of flashlights on our bikes, in our hands or in our heads, either a campfire, fireplace or stove, but we can not trust that the moon shine on us (although often it will, if the clouds permit).


For safety, outdoor activities: Go in groups with at least two guides

group-tourIn any outdoor activity on land for large groups (more than 5 persons) and / or made by people inexperienced in the activity in question (hiking, trekking, mountaineering, horseback riding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, etc..) The have at least two persons responsible or guides (one that goes forward, and another to go back) is essential. Ideally (in addition to the necessary minimum of two guides) at least one guide, Monitor, Instructor, Technical responsible person for each additional 5 or 10 people in the group.