Do not smoke or light fires

forestSmoking is not only contradictory when trying to enjoy outdoor exercise and a natural environment, but may be the cause of a wildfire, and discomfort for the rest of non-smokers, smokers who do precisely the nature outings to forget the cigarette and the local fauna.

Either way, it is forbidden to light fires for any reason in many areas in all seasons, and particularly during the spring-summer, precisely to prevent fires.


Follow the path or paths marked

outdoor-pathLeaving the trail, track or path that we follow is a bad idea. As much to say that the “hiker makes his way to walk” in hiking, biking, horseback riding and other outdoor activities on land that is, from the point of view of safety, efficiency and ecology counterproductive.

Failure to follow the paths or roads (in single file behind the guide head, if necessary) results in increased soil erosion and damage to fauna and flora, makes walking, cycling or horse should walk normally more distance or more roads complicated (increased fatigue or loss of time) or even potentially dangerous areas (edges of cliffs, rocks badly settled, etc.)


Climate and weather forecasting

climate-weatherClimate refers to the expected weather conditions for a particular place at a certain time of year. Meteogológicas forecasts, however, speak of “acts likely” to occur in the coming hours or days, regardless of what should happen according to the weather of the season in that region.

So, when we engage in outdoor activities, is important to know what normally happens at the weather in a given region in a given season, as what specific weather forecast for the days when we do our business.


Do not drink alcohol, drink or take other drugs stimulating

drinkAs much as “control” when or how it affects us, the truth is that alcohol slows reflexes, and therefore causes more risk of injury from lack of coordination while favoring hypothermia. Furthermore, it could prevent the intake of certain medications, if necessary, being contraindicated with alcohol consumption.

In addition, several medical studies agree that energy drinks [1] or type stimulants “Red Bull” can have detrimental effects on physical performance and reflections, so also discourage before and during any voyage in the middle Earth (and anything else that involves skills depend on our physical and / or mental).


Eat properly before and during physical exertion

eat-properlyAs we know, water is essential for life more than food, and will always be something that we have to take any outdoor activity of some physical intensity or duration. Water is not only necessary for drinking, but can also be useful (for example) to clean a wound by applying first aid. Therefore always be taken into account, and know for sure where in the road is water (whether natural or artificial sources), and in any case bring water reserve in case, if only to have along the route to any incident.

The food is less necessary, especially during take less than a day (especially if we ate well before you leave). But it all depends, of course, our level of training and practice, because maybe there can be a person who has no problem with not eating for 5 hours, others at the slightest physical effort they whet the appetite.

first aid kit

Take a first aid kit

first aid kitClearly, however short it is a crossing route or outdoors, and it is the activity that is (cycling, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, horseback riding, etc..) A first aid kit can always be useful . Travelling in a group, must always be at least one, and ideally, each person also has some individual stocks to treat minor emergencies, or personal health problems.

We made ​​a list with an example of first aid kit for cycling, but also applies to any outdoor activity that is :


Exercise caution when changing terrain and slope

caution-exerciseWhen change of terrain (snow stone, ground to ground stone mixed, etc.. Etc.) Often will have to change both the gait and the equipment or material adjustments to relocate (boots, poles, crampons, etc.). The same will happen when we get to follow a mostly flat road, one with a drop rising or falling, one by one climb down, or any combination of changes in conditions on a crossing route or terrain.

For example, when we go walking through the snow to walk through the rock, it should shake the snow from the soles of boots or crampons (if we have jobs) and then, when we start to walk toughest terrain , avoid skidding or sliding due to snow (or water that is formed by melting it). The same applies to land with mud, ice or sleet.


Safety standards for the practice of cycling

practice-of-cyclingIn both types of cycling path or road, as one of the many variants of mountain biking, mountain bike or mountain bike, we can talk about certain common basic standards that improve our safety and that of other persons, vehicles or bicycles we can cross our path.

Security in cycling, as in any other outdoor activity, we divided the recommendations into two: those that affect the security group and should obviously be respected when it comes to walk in groups, and those affecting personal safety , which are the responsibility of each one, or group travel.