Common Reasons Why Your Firepit Needs Repair

Have you ever wondered why your gas firepit looks like it’s been through a war zone? Why do you have to scrub the inside of your propane firepit every year? Well, here are some of the most common reasons that your gas firepit may need some repairs:

1. It’s not properly maintained

If you have a gas firepit, you should make sure it is maintained on a regular basis. This means checking the burners regularly, making sure they are cleaned out regularly, and checking for any signs of corrosion on the metal parts of the firepit itself or around it. If there is any corrosion on these parts, then it needs to be cleaned off before it can continue to work properly.

2. It’s not ventilated properly, which can cause corrosion

If your gas firepit sits outside in the weather without proper ventilation, then it will begin to rust over time due to moisture buildup inside it. This moisture buildup can lead to corrosion on various parts of the metal structure of your firepit if left unchecked—including around its burner units! Make sure that air flows freely through all areas where there could be water or debris buildup so that corrosion doesn’t happen as easily.

3. It’s not weather-tight, which means it can leak gases and liquids into your home or yard

If your gas fire pit is not weather-tight (meaning it can leak gases or liquids into your home), then it’s time for repairs. The good news is that most fire pits are easy to fix with just a few simple steps!

4. It’s not installed properly, which means it may not be stable enough to support itself and its contents while in use

Keep in mind that the fire pit needs to be installed properly. This means that it needs to be level and stable enough to support itself and its contents during use. If not, your gas fire pit could end up leaking gas or liquids into your home or yard!

5. The spark screen is clogged with ash and other debris

Clogging can also cause issues with proper ventilation and heat dispersal in the pit itself, as well as leaking into your house during winter months when it is cold outside but full of potential leaks from poorly installed firepits like yours!


The gas firepit is an incredible addition to any yard or garden, but it can also be a pain in the neck if it isn’t installed properly. If you get a LavaBox Propane Firepit for Camping, ensure that it’s installed properly. You also need to repair it whenever the need arises.