walking at night

Ways To Stay Safe Walking at Night

Personal safety is a high priority for most people. However, sometimes it is unavoidable to do things that make you feel unsafe, such as walking alone at night in an unfamiliar area. Cabs and rideshares are not always readily available, especially late at night or in smaller towns. Here are some ways to stay safe while walking at night.

Walk With Others

If it is possible to walk with someone else who you know, or multiple people who you are familiar with, plan to do that. Often, potential criminals look for people who they perceive as easy targets, and there is strength in numbers. If you do not have anyone to walk with, gravitate towards well-lit, densely populated areas on your route. This may seem counterintuitive, since more people mean more potential criminals. However, populated areas will often have security corporate personnel Redlands CA patrolling the area, which can be a deterrent to criminals.

Tell People Your Plans

If you have to walk by yourself, make people aware of your plans and your route, even if they are not physically nearby. Let someone know what time you plan to be at your destination, and instruct them to call for help if you do not check in with them by a certain time. Talking on the phone with someone can also be a deterrent to someone preying on you, as long as you still pay attention to your surroundings while on the phone.

Go With Your Gut

Trust your gut when it comes to avoiding certain areas or suspicious people. Do not worry about hurting someone’s feelings if you cross the street when someone is walking toward you in the opposite direction. Walk with purpose and make brief eye contact with passersby.

Being aware of your surroundings and taking certain precautions can help you stay safe if you need to walk late at night.