Accessories for Your Boat

Top Accessories for Your Boat

Even though all you really need to enjoy boating is a boat that floats, there are some boat accessories that make the experience all the more pleasurable. These are things you don’t necessarily have to have when you’re out on the water, but can be purchased after market to enhance your boating trips for everyone on board. These accessories won’t make your vessel a superyacht, but they are a lot of fun.

Grill and Grill Bracket 

If you’ve ever thought that the middle of a lake is a perfect place for a barbecue, then you need to get a grill that’s designed especially for boats. Of course, you can always take a standing grill aboard with you, but this isn’t a very safe idea, especially if the water gets choppy. Fortunately, there are grill models that come with brackets to mount the grill on a rail of your boat. These are mostly designed for pontoon boats, which tend to be slow-moving party vessels, but they can be adapted for other boats that have metal railings as well.

Non-Tipping Can Coolers 

Who hasn’t spilled a drink aboard a boat when a sudden gust of wind comes up or the water gets a little rough? It’s very challenging to keep your cups, cans, and bottles from toppling over when you’re on a boat. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. Non-tipping can coolers use suction to affix themselves to any surface, making them virtually unspillable under most conditions. Simply place your can, cup, or bottle in the cooler to minimize spills and, as a bonus, keep your drink nice and chilled as well.


No one likes going fishing only to come back with empty hooks and nets. A fishfinder is a technological way to locate where the fish are hanging out underwater without having to troll the entire lake. There are many fishfinder models on the market today and range from about $200 to $2,000, but if you want to drop your line in a location where you’re most likely to catch the big one, this is a small price to pay. Some of the more advanced fishfinders also include a depth finder or are geared toward locating specific species of fish.

Telescopic Boat Hook 

Docking and undocking a boat can be a real pain. Plus, if you struggle getting your boat close enough to the dock so that your guests can safely disembark, you might be a little embarrassed. A telescopic boat hook can make you look like a docking expert. It allows you to grab a hold of part of the dock to pull your boat close enough for safe de-boarding. This is an inexpensive accessory that is a must-have for all captains.

Underwater LED Light 

Want to take your boat out at night? Many people do, but their boats aren’t equipped with adequate lighting to make it safe. Adding an underwater LED light to your boat can make it much easier for other vessels to see you in the dark. Plus, it makes your boat look pretty cool as well. Choose from various colors to leave a trail of light in your wake.


Part of the fun of having a boat is getting all the fun accessories to go with it. If none of these five accessories appeal to you, keep shopping. You’re sure to find some accessories that will give you the experience you want.