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Tips for Planning Your Next Large Event

When planning a large event there are several important details to consider.

Guest List

Before any other planning takes place, you need to know approximately how many people you are expecting to entertain. The number of guests you have will determine the size of your venue, the type of food you serve, the amount of seating required, party favors, and more. Outdoor venues may be more flexible with space, but you will still need a headcount to know how many party tents and event restroom trailers you need to rent. Save yourself money by solidifying your guest list so you don’t overestimate or buy additional things you won’t need.


Keep a steady supply of drinks on hand and plenty of food to go around for your guests. Depending on the type of event, you may want to hire a professional caterer and bartender. Unless you are seating people at tables for a meal, keep the food light and easy to hold. Instead of having guests go to the food, you can have servers walk around with trays of appetizers. Hydration is especially important during outdoor events. Be sure to position various drink stations throughout the venue. You can even consider adding portable air conditioners to help crowded areas stay cool for additional comfort.

Clean Up

There will still be work needed after your event has ended. Cleaning up after an event can involve a lot of physical labor. Ask for help if you are physically unable to pack up tables, take down tents, and disassemble other party amenities. Gather all the garbage into a few bags in one area so it’s easier to clean up. Haul the garbage to a local dump or contact your local sanitation department to arrange a pick-up. Try to be mindful of what you can recycle and what must be thrown away.

Don’t forget these important details when planning your next large event.