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3 Things To Pack For Your Next Road Trip

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning a road trip. Don’t forget to pack these essential items when preparing for your next road trip.


Look over a map of the area you will be traveling through. While you might rely on GPS technology to get you there, looking at a map helps familiarize yourself with an area and will come in handy in case of an emergency. If you end up on an isolated road and don’t have anyone to ask for directions, you can follow your map along with any visible road signs Washington to get yourself back on track. Knowing alternate routes will allow you to enjoy scenic routes that your GPS may not lead you through. Your map can also help you identify roads and landmarks as you approach your destination.

First Aid and Emergency

Always keep a first aid kit with you when you travel. A basic first aid kit will include things to take care of minor scratches, aches, or pains. This can include bandages, antiseptic, antibiotic cream, antacid, and over-the-counter medicines to relieve pain, headaches, or fevers. In case you run into an issue with your car on the road, always keep some emergency roadside equipment in your vehicle. You will want to have a spare tire, a flashlight, extra batteries, reflection cones, flares, a multi-tool, screwdrivers, a wrench, and jumper cables.


Make a list of the important electronics and accessories you want to bring to avoid leaving something behind. Bring chargers and adapters for your phone, laptop, and any other electronics. Get a portable charger to use anywhere when you don’t have access to a standard outlet or electricity. If you want to be connected to the internet while you are on the road, you should purchase a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Before you leave for your next adventure on the road, make sure you review these road trip essentials.