Park Ranger

The Best Careers to Scratch Your Itch for Adventure

Have a feeling of wanderlust that you just can’t shake?  It may be time to consider a career change!  Most people become disillusioned with their careers at some point, and one of the biggest drivers of that feeling is that boxed-in, cog-in-the-machine feeling that makes us want to break free and just explore the world.  Fortunately for us, there are certain careers that come with the solution to this problem built-in.  Here are just a few of these:

Park Ranger

Love the outdoors?  Being a park ranger puts you right into a beautiful natural area, with even your mundane tasks taking place out in the open.  Park rangers do more than just wear a uniform and look sharp; they maintain the grounds for people and wildlife, educate people about nature, and enforce the laws that maintain parks for all to enjoy.

Park rangers get all the benefits of being outdoors while also getting to interact with a huge variety of people.  Think of everyone who likes camping: there could hardly be a more varied group of people in the world.  So if you like bumping elbows with people from all over the world in a beautiful natural area, then becoming a park ranger could be perfect for you.

Hunting Guide

You’ve been an outdoors person for your whole life; it sometimes feels like you know nature better than anyone else in the world.  Well, there are plenty of people trying to get to know that same nature, and you can help them!  If hunting is something you have experience with, you’d get to share your experience with others in a more intimate setting than as a park ranger, as you’d work with one group or individual at a time, tailor-making a plan for them to succeed on their hunt.

Being a hunting guide requires plenty of knowledge of hunting and nature, of course, but if you already have a level of knowledge that eclipses most peoples’, why not put it to use?  Everyone has to plan before they go on their hunting trips; if you’re the kind of person who likes making plans like this, then you should consider doing it for a living!


Need something a little more traditional?  Maybe you’re a little older or less mobile, and the idea of all the walking around you’d need to do as a ranger or guide makes you nervous.  Or maybe you have a bit of a math background, and don’t want to put that background to waste.  Being a land surveyor provides all the benefits of this path and more.

Surveying land means you’ll be outside with your tools quite a lot, taking measurements and, well, surveying land.  Before any construction or maintenance project begins, everyone involved needs to know what they’re getting into: they need to know how the land lays, how the soil behaves, and where exactly to put their tools and instruments to use.  If you like the idea of helping these folks do their jobs accurately and safely, then this could be a wonderful job for you to consider.


For a different kind of wanderer, piloting can be the perfect fix to the desk job blues.  Though you wouldn’t necessarily be spending much time outdoors, being a pilot puts you in the perfect position to explore a huge variety of places.  Piloting commercial aircraft?  You’ll have large amounts of off time, which you can easily spend exploring the outdoors or an exotic new place.  You could become a flight instructor yourself, helping people get off the ground.  Or you can do something like helicopter tours, showing tourists a new way to look at a place while having your own time to explore it.

Of course, being a pilot is not easy, and it would take some time in plane or helicopter pilot school to gather up the experience of flying necessary to do it by yourself.  But imagine a career where you get to travel constantly, where you get large amounts of time off to explore the whole world, not just your immediate area?  Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


Whether looking for something new or just getting started with your career, it pays to pay attention to what makes you happy, and what you wind up wishing you have when it’s gone.  If you’re one of the many people who finds life gets boring when you get caught up in your routine, these are some of the many careers that can help with that; careers that make you stay on the move, make you keep exploring no matter what.  Life’s too short to get yourself stuck doing something that you don’t love, so get out there and make your job work for you!