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New Jeep Wrangler Willy’s Armed with Big Tires for Big Adventure

Off-roading adventure can be had with a multitude of 4X4 vehicles, including mid and full-sized pickups that sport powerful engines, rugged bodies, heavy-duty tires and sharp but durable truck wheels. If you have big bucks at your disposal, you might want to go with a Land Rover Defender. But for most people, the off-road ride of choice for the past 80 years is the Jeep Wrangler.

The new 2022 Jeep Wrangler Willy’s is said to be one of the most rugged Jeep’s produced yet with some of the most extreme packaging around. According to a new report, Jeep initially announced it’s new Xtreme Recon Package for the beefy Wrangler Rubicon and the powerful V-8-powered Rubicon 392 last year at the 2021 Chicago Auto Show.

Months later at the Detroit 4Fest, Jeep had more “Xtreme news” to report: The much-anticipated Recon package has been extended to include the more modest Wrangler Willy’s trim height.

Going After Sasquatch

Say the Jeep engineers, the Jeep Xtreme Recon Package is essentially modelled after the Ford Bronco’s new rugged, 4×4 Sasquatch package. What’s the biggest advantage for both on and off-road vehicles? Their 35-inch tire and wheel package which comes standard from the factory.

Along with the highly respected and bad ass 35-inch BFGoodrich KO2 all-terrain tires that measure LT315/7017 which stands in contrast to the Willy’s usual LT255/75R1T Firestone Destination tires, the Xtreme Recon Package is also armed with a 1.5-inch factory suspension lift with finely turned shocks, rear swing gate reinforcement that can hold a heavier spare tire, and 17X8-inchbeadlock-capable wheels which are a replacement for the 17X7.5-inch roller wheels. It’s also got a low 4.56:1 axle ratio for easier maneuvering over rough terrain.

The tires alone on the new Wrangler Willys are said to account for an additional two inches of height and ground clearance. You might find yourself stretching to get up into this monster of a ride. But it will be entirely worth it when you find yourself cruising through a streambed, racing over hot desert terrain or simply enjoying a coast to coast road-trip with a friend or two.

Bigger Tires Mean a Better Off-Road Ride

Simply said, bigger tires plus the added lift make for a much easier off-road experience. The Xtreme Recon Package powered Wrangler Willys is engineered with a 47.4-degree approach angle, 26.7-inch degree breakover angle, and 40.4degree departure angle.

Ground clearance has been increased to almost 13 inches (take note rock crawlers) and it is able to ford water that’s nearly three feet deep without a snorkel. But if you’re going to spring for this military-grade inspired Jeep, you might also want to spring for the snorkel add-on.

Going After Sasquatch Will Cost a Little More

So, if there’s any bad news to the Xtreme Recon Package it’s the additional $4,000 you’ll spend over that of a standard Jeep Willy’s model. But financing this monster ride will prove entirely worth it, or so the Jeep experts attest. But keep in mind, you can’t yet get a two-door model of the Xtreme Recon package. It’s only said to be available on the Willy’s four-door Unlimited model with a 3.6-liter eTorquehybrid V-6 engine option.

For now, this eliminates the two-door model since the less expensive Willy’s Sport boasts the usual off-road features plus power windows, door locks, and more, at a more affordable price. Obviously, the Jeep business people don’t want to mess with this cheaper option.

But in terms of real numbers, the least-expensive Wrangler Willys armed with the Xtreme Recon package presently starts at around $41,000 which clocks in less than a base model Rubicon but not as much as the Sasquatch-package Broncos.

Take further note that you can purchase Ford’s off-road kit on the less expensive two-door Bronco and the four-door version which includes the base trim package. But when you compare the Wrangler Willys Xtreme with the base-model Bronco Sasquatch, the price is said to differ by only a couple hundred dollars or thereabouts. Since Jeep enthusiasts tend to hang on to their Wrangler for years if not decades, you’re probably better off going with the Jeep.

Place Your Orders

For those Jeep aficionados who are already chomping at the bit to get their hands on the new burly Wrangler Willys Xtreme Recon model, you can do so immediately since they’ve been available since October, 2021.

Will the Recon package also extend to other Jeep Wrangler models like the Oscar Mike or the Jeep Gladiator pickup truck? Says an insider, there is most definitely a good chance that the Recon package will be available in most of the Jeep Wrangler models in the near future.

Get your wallets out Jeepsters.