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3 Options for Memorializing Your Beloved Pet

Pets are beloved companions, family members, friends, guides, helpers and more. They offer humans unconditional love, affection and friendship, a commodity difficult to find in a cynical, broken world.

There have been stories of their intense loyalty, even to the point of risking their own safety to save their masters’ lives. It can be incredibly painful to lose a pet who has been by your side for years. Taking steps to keep your precious companion’s memory alive even after they are gone can help with this sorrow.

1. Taxidermy

This may seem creepy to some, but full-body taxidermy allows you to see your pet as he or she was in life and keep them close by in a special glass case or by your bed. You might even try life-size mount taxidermy Sandpoint ID so you can see your cat or dog watching over you from the wall even in death.

2. Art

A portrait, by him or herself or with you, is an excellent way to honor your pet and remember him or her. Another way to immortalize your pet is to create a photo collage or photo album. This way you have a record of all your best memories with him or her.

3. Cremation

Cremation allows you to carry your pet with you wherever you go. You can keep the ashes in an urn in a place of honor or have them put into a special necklace. If you would rather leave your pet in a place you both loved but cannot bury him or her in, such as that river you loved to hike along together or the park he or she adored, you can scatter the ashes in that special location.

There are many ways to remember your pet, not just the ones listed here. However, these are options that allow you to have a physical reminder that you can take with you if you ever move to a different place or pass down to your descendants.