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Planning a Trip With Older Kids? Don’t Neglect These 2 Things

Traveling was hard when the kids were little. You vigilantly watched their every move and put up with countless tantrums. When you planned events, you had to consider appropriateness and ease, and it had to be before bedtime, of course!

Now the kids have grown up, and you’re ready to explore. Older kids on vacation are simple in so many ways. They can pack for themselves. Their independent, and, finally, you can do some late-night activities. However, their interest level has shifted quite a bit. Now, it’s a question of engaging them the entire time. As you plan this next excursion, be sure to consider the following factors to make the trip fun for everyone.

Consider New Activities

Gone are the days of heading to see characters and grabbing a balloon. These kiddos need more entertainment. Rollercoasters work for some, but not all, so remain open to other ideas. Research the location for age-appropriate things to do. For instance, are they of driving age? Then, search for affordable ATV rental Seattle WA to have a fun-filled day on the trails. Are you headed for the mountains? Consider a day or two on the slopes.

 Permit Free Time

In years past, you wouldn’t let anyone out of sight. A new city meant unfamiliarity and strangers. Teenagers and adult children, though, seek out personal space. Give adults time to do some things independently, having a designated time and spot to reconnect.

Teenagers still need structure, so don’t let them off the hook entirely. Agree to some freedom with boundaries. Where can they go? When do you expect them back? Perhaps let them wander about the hotel but ensure they have a phone on them. They may want to lounge by the pool. You could even (secretly) keep your eye on them there.

Family vacations don’t have to end because the kids grow up. Factor their interests and needs into your trip.