3 Tips for Packing Your Camping Trailer for an Enjoyable Trip

Whether this is your first time in your new camping trailer or you have been exploring the sites for years, knowing what to bring with you and how to pack your gear is essential for a successful trip. Here are three tips to help you understand what to do before you set off on your adventure.

1. Make a Menu

If you have never been camping in your trailer, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of supplies you need in the kitchen. Remember that you don’t need to have everything you have in your home cupboards to make your meals. Plan a menu before your excursion and shop for only those necessities. Over time, add to your supply, and eventually, the spice cupboard has everything you like. Planning a menu is essential, even if you are heading to one of your favorite seasonal camping sites Wisconsin. Having everything you need keeps you from needing to make trips to a grocery store that may have limited supplies, high prices and be many miles away.

2. Pack Light

Adding all your gear and supplies to the trailer increases the weight your vehicle needs to pull. Consider lightweight essentials, such as paper plates, plastic utensils and even paperback books. Only bring enough towels, blankets and pots and pans as you think you need because every item adds extra weight. When packing, try to distribute heavy items equally, so there isn’t excess weight on one side of the trailer.

3. Tow With Empty Tanks

Unless you plan on camping in a remote location, you don’t need to fill your water tank up before arriving at your destination. Most campgrounds have water hookups for your use. The same goes for returning home; empty the black and grey water tanks at the campground dumping facility to make it easier to tow your trailer.