Mendenhall Ice Caves

Mendenhall Ice Caves, AK the Perfect Place for Adventure

There are millions of places in the world that fascinate people. Some can see a huge boulder or mountain or waterfall and become mesmerized. Imagine places like Mendenhall Ice Caves, AK. Alaska has so many beautiful scenic spots, but hiking in the mountainous terrain and ice caves will be an experience for the great outdoors people who love to explore new places in the wilderness. Mendenhall Ice Caves, AK, is best with tour guides for the inexperienced because they can show you places most people do not know exist. There are glaciers, mountains, rainforests, and other exquisite trails.

About the Trip

All who sign up for the trip will enjoy eight hours of exploring from the pick-up site to the hiking trails back to the drop-off site. Transportation is available to and from, and snacks, water, and all the gear needed for safety are included in the trip’s price. Each individual is fitted with the proper equipment such as helmets, raincoats, pants and is given snacks and bottled water for the hike. Professional guides, which is the smart way to go, are also offered within the price. Hiking boots are the only gear that is not included. It takes about 6 hours and 30 minutes to complete the hike in the different locations available.

Breathtaking Sights of the Ice Caves

Caves are best described as cavities in the earth. In caves where the temperature never rises above 31 degrees, all water deposits such as lakes, waterfalls, and streams become permanent ice deposits. When these deposits form, it causes a spectacular sight that tourists flock to witness in person. The sights become embezzled in the minds of millions and are never forgotten. Keep in mind, these trips are not for the weak. Some spots require a bit of climbing, crawling, and since it is ice, and it may be slippery to some individuals.

Glacier Ice Caves

Mendenhall Ice Caves, AK, are glacier ice caves with a spectacular view of the lights shining through the ice glaciers. Most hiking trips consist of downhill hiking, so it is not as strenuous as it sounds. These caves are so well insulated, they keep the temperatures frozen even in the summer. Alaska has some of the most beautiful weather in the summertime. Inside the caves are frozen walls, lakes, ceilings, and as the water moves, it freezes to form beautiful shapes and sizes of ice blocks.

An Unforgettable Experience

It is easy to enjoy the hiking experience with a maximum of 12 people, minimum of two per group. The age limit is ten and older but must be fit to carry up to ten-pound backpacks with the ability to hike for up to six hours and up to nine miles.

Everyone is welcome to bring their cameras. However, there is no professional photography available. Between pictures and the mind’s eye, there will be plenty of natural sights to make the Mendenhall Ice Caves AK an unforgettable experience.