horse riding

Beginner Tips for Horse Riding

If you have never been on a horse before, the thought of your first horse ride can be exciting and intimidating. But you have nothing to worry about as there are professionals to guide you, making the experience effortless. They will assure you so that you are comfortable and safe and not intimidate the horse while at it. Before heading for your first ride, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Wear The Proper Riding Gear

It is important to have the right equipment and gear before you mount a horse. The horse farm will provide a comfortable saddle, bridle reins, bit, helmet, and girth. You do not have to worry about those. However, the outfit you wear determines how comfortable you will be. Avoid outfits like shorts, miniskirts, or sandals. Proper footwear and long pants are recommended. It is even better if you wear low-heeled boots for your feet so as not to slip from the stirrups.

Ask Clarification Where You Do Not understand

You must understand every aspect of horse riding before mounting. Most horse farms in PA come with instructors who will walk you through the process. Most instructors understand that first-time riders have a lot of questions, so they are ready to answer. Any clarification you need, do not hesitate to ask. This is one of the ways to help you understand what you are supposed to do.

Familiarize Yourself with The Horse

Unlike a car which you just get in and start driving, a horse is a living creature. It can be scary, moody, tired, or agitated. It is therefore vital to establish a good relationship from the start. Approach the horse and greet him, then allow him to smell or lick your hand. This will help ease first-time horse-riding jitters.

Mount Properly

You have probably watched people mount horses in movies, and it looked like a piece of cake. However, one of the mistakes first-time riders do is with mounting. You need to be confident while doing this. If you take time to mount your house, it will become impatient, start making movements, or even walk away, which can throw you off balance. Typically, a horse is trained to be mounted from the left and so approach your horse from that side. Place one foot on the stirrup, placing your weight on it, then swing your right leg over the horse’s back. Avoid making sudden movements but ensure you are comfortable.

Understanding Your Horse’s Body Language

Learn the horse’s body language for safety purposes. If a horse has its ears up and pointed to you, they are giving you attention. If the ears look pinned to the back of the head, they are mad. Wide eyes with flared nostrils signal nervousness or anxiety, while a tail swish can mean annoyance. If the horse has its eyes half-closed while chewing at its teeth, it means they are relaxed.

Sit Upright and Relax

Avoid slouching once you start riding. Sit straight, relax your back and be gentle with the reins. There is no need to make the horse feel like it is carrying a burden.

Focus on Where You are Going

Do not be overly focused on the horse while you ride. Keep your eyes on where you are going as you are guiding your horse.

Start With Walking

As much as racing a horse seems like fun, it is not the wisest idea for the first time. Try walking when you go riding for the first time. At some point, you could try trotting, but for your safety, do not do more than that.

Once you get into a rhythm, you will realize that horse riding is fun and safe. Keep these tips in mind, and you will be fine.