4 Hidden Gem Tourist Attractions in Greene County, Indiana

Planning a trip to central Indiana? You could spend time in Greene County, located southwest of Bloomington. Here are four Greene County tourist destinations you don’t want to miss!

1. Redbird State Recreation Area

If you love off-roading of any kind, come to Redbird State Recreation Area. Originally mining land, Redbird offers gently rolling hills as well as sharp slopes for vehicles to navigate while trekking through the woods. Bring your dirt bike, ATV or dune buggy for an exciting all-terrain ride.

2. Greene-Sullivan State Forest and Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Center

Greene-Sullivan State Forest is home to seemingly unlimited outdoor recreation activities. Considered one of the most lovely and serene places in the state, this state park has 120 lakes open to fishing, camping and hunting. Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Center is ideal for a fishing vacation spot Indiana. Birders are also welcome to explore the natural habitats of migrating sandhill cranes each spring.

3. Phil Harris Golf Course

This golf course was named after Phil Harris, a former Hollywood actor and prominent resident of Linton. Each year, the 18-hole course hosts the Phil Harris Golf Tournament, which has attracted some famous figures over the years. One former tournament regular was Bobby Knight, well-loved coach of Indiana University’s basketball team.

4. Emanuel Hatfield Museum

If you’re interested in Mid-Western Pioneers, you may want to visit the Emanuel Hatfield Museum. Emanuel was a cousin of the notorious Hatfields of West Virginia, who feuded with the McCoy family in Kentucky for nearly 30 years. The Owensburg museum contains many personal belongings of Mr. Hatfield as well as Owensburg community artifacts. You can also explore the Bloomfield-Eastern Greene County Public Library located in the same building as the museum.

There are other attractions and activities not mentioned here, as well as fine dining establishments in Greene County for your touring pleasure! Come visit the heartland in Indiana and experience the charming Midwest!