8 Crazy Things You Can Only Do In Dubai

Dubai is considered the hub of UAE, having significant importance due to its exotic and mesmerizing views. Moreover, the captivating historic places grab the visitors’ attention in such a way that they run out of time with the desire to visit all the prominent spots at once.

Heaven of billionaires is the best choice for those who don’t give a second thought to money when it comes to exploration. The worth visiting places can lead your level of amusement up to the next level if you opt to enjoy every bit of your vacation exceptionally well.

From the skyscrapers city-sized malls to the heavenly beach resorts with the touch of cultural and Arabic reflections at worth watching sites, we have all you want to turn your precious time into a never-ending pleasure.

Additionally, suppose you are looking for a good time with your friends and family on the night of the Golden city. In that case, you can create a whole different vibe by hiring a Yacht from Yacht rental Dubai and can celebrate the best moments to set the best memories of your life. In addition, the spectacular experience of fishing on a yacht has a whole different vibe.

So, are you on the verge of spending the whole soul time with the most stunning and fantasizing locations of the downtown?? Let’s have a look at the fantastic spots and things you can only experience in Dubai.

1. Twirl among the Flowers in Dubai Miracle Garden:

Dubai Miracle Garden

One of the most tempting scenarios in the Dubai miracle garden located in the district of Dubai land is waiting to welcome you with the sweet fragrances of alluring flowers. It covers over 72,00 square meters and contains around 150 million flowers and fresh plants of various types. Moreover, the Bloom-covered antiques of peacock, castles, and clocks draw visitors’ attention to such a fascinating place.

Dubai Miracle Garden

The quirky arrangements of huge blooming flowers transformed into buildings and living house structures are some entities that would blow your mind—the world record-breaking floral garden with a walking track crafted to reflect the natural vibes for nature lovers. The floating lady dressed with colorful flowers and immense landscape arrangements is a landmark of the constructors.

The adjacent butterfly garden having 15000 butterfly species, is the best spot to explore for the children who can learn and play simultaneously with the educational setting.

2. The Enticing Desert Safari Rides to Rejoice in:

Are you looking for a long day of desert exploration with a self-drive safari at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve?? You can do an excellent day visit with Sand Sherpa, who has recently launched a long day drive with the world’s most excellent cars, namely Hilux Toyota overloading vehicles.

Desert Safari Dubai

The four by four expert wildlife instructors exceptionally brief you on reserve driving etiquette. The 75 minutes wild drive seems an ultimate learning experience about the desert and all the life forms there with quick comprehension of the overall history of inhabitants and desert.

The hand-held radio is provided by instructors through which you can navigate your way with the minimal worst impacts on the environment. The desert sunset, along with some refreshments, could be an excellent time for opacarophiles. So what are you waiting for? Get it booked on weekdays to relieve the exhaustion of the whole week..

3. Visit the Most Exotic Burj khalifa :

Burj Khalifa, one of the tallest buildings near Downtown Dubai comes under the top global attractions. The magnificent premise is 828 meters high with a staggering 160 floors.The fabulous view of the city can be enjoyed from two different observation decks, one from the top of the 124th and 125th floors and another from the world’s highest 148th-floor observation deck that is 555m high.

Burj khalifa

Imagine the fabulous view from the heights of the skies accompanied by the unmatched thrive you can only experience from the peaks of the vibing Burj Khalifa. Don’t miss the chance to have an eye on the complete sensational view while visiting Dubai.

4. The Best Exhilarating Scuba Diving Moments in Dubai Underwater Zoo:

The world underwater seems fascinating to human creatures. However, the curiosity and experience of exploring the sea zone compelled the architectural experts to bring it into the reach of ordinary people through marveling techniques.

Dubai Aquarium

And now the dream of visiting the sea world has come true with Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo with the pleasurable experience of scuba diving. However, you must have an entire certification course that reveals the safety guidelines skills before venturing out for official dive.

So, are you courageous enough to swim with sharks into this calm and comforting deep blue sea? Never wait to dive into it; give it a try before regretting the moment.

5. Enjoy the wonders of Appealing fountains in Dubai:

The sightseeing fountains are found at the foot of Burj Dubai mall with the backdrop of glittering Burj khalifa, creating a whole different vibe when you choose to spend your quality evening with such a choreographed fountain display.

fountains in Dubai

The water surges high up to 140 meters forming arcs that last for 5 minutes with high soars of classic, Arabic, and world-famous soundtracks played on speakers. Then, finally, the water undulates, forming a ring that seems like a graceful belly dancer.

The creators of Bellagio in Vegas have designed such a sequential flow of water in high rising fountains. The Dubai fountain performance is exhibited on 30 acre Burj khalifa lake, and for the exceptional sight, you can hire a sailing boat or Yacht to have an amazing time there.

6. Elite Jumeirah Mosque to Experience the Divine moments of Spirituality :

Want to revive the spiritual vibes in the most serene atmosphere? Consider visiting the Jumeirah mosque having a large area to accommodate 1200 worshippers having an open door, open mind policy that welcomes the people of all faiths to learn about the teachings of Islam.

Jumeirah Mosque

The mosque is made entirely of white stones in the Medieval Fatimid tradition having a large central doom framed by twin minarets. At dusk, the true beauty of this holy place is highlighted, where a significant number of people gather to feel the tranquility in their hearts.

The eye-catchy view is open for the tourists to visit and capture such a beautiful landmark through exceptional photography. The Islamic customs, traditions, rituals are defined with such an empowering impact in this tour that fascinates even the non-muslim visitors.

7. Enjoy the cool breeze and Stunning sights with Dubai Marina Yacht Tour:

How would you feel when you are given a chance to explore Dubai on a yacht cruise along the coast?? Isn’t it thriving?? Yes, obviously, and it is viable for all the visitors in terms of affordability.

You don’t have to organize or plan anything on your own. Just decide to rock and roll on the deluxe cruise yacht of Dubai. Enjoy the Dubai skyline and intriguing sights with the cool breezes along with your favorite meal that suits the desired time, either breakfast or evening refreshment with flavors of bbq at your preferred time slots.

Dubai Marina Yacht

The duration of the whole Yacht travel is 2-3 hours; by squeezing the fun from every minute, you can make it exceptionally unforgettable. The instant confirmation policy with mobile tickets acceptance is another reason that leaves no choice to abandon but to give it a shot.

8. The Wonderful Kite Beach – For Satisfying Joyous Temptations:

kite beach

Beaches are the most seductive spots having no comparison with any enticing place.

Whether it is a vibe of having a romantic time with your partner or some family time with the children and other members, nothing could compete with the matchless temptation of visiting the seaside. When it comes to the kite beach of Dubai, there is no other alternative to opt for.

This perfect spot for sun seekers, foodies, and sports enthusiasts is off the Jumeirah road with a pristine stretch of white sand, super clean, and crystal clear sea waves. This irresistible place offers various activities, including kite surfing, wakeboarding, stand-up paddle boarding, beach tennis, volleyball, and kayaking.

The glamorous view of Burj Al Arab can be experienced quite easily. You can also catch some food trucks and cafes right off the beach to satisfy your instant cravings.

Want to enjoy the walk along the coast or jog at the beach? The 14 km walking track of kite beach can fulfill this temptation as well. If you intend to test your skills as a water sporter, then kite beach is one of Dubai’s best free beaches for an intentional visit.


Dubai has been achieving milestones with the rapid development and constructional importance of the whole vibing city. It has turned into a mini world of adventures and sightseeing spots to attract visitors with a comprehensive approach and vast comprehension of tourism.

At the moment, it is not wrong to say that Dubai is on the verge of dominating all the famous tourist spots with tempting innovations and is still working to be marked as a leading tourist attraction worldwide in the days to come.