Kayaking Safety Starts

Kayaking Safety Starts At Home

Kayaking Safety Starts

The experienced kayakers will always tell you that kayaking safety starts at home. This practically means that what you are going to do before you reach your destination will be equally important to the safety that you are interested in when you are kayaking.

There are so many things that you can do at home before you will reach the kayaking destination in order to increase your safety, ranging from choosing high quality Canoe racks to practicing kayaking paddling techniques. The most important things that we should highlight will be presented next.

Practice Your Recovery Skills

This should be done regularly and you want to practice in waters that are of the kind of those that you are going to paddle in. Kayakers normally think about these practice sessions as reentries or capsize recoveries. If you practice regularly, the reentry is going to become something similar to second nature. However, you cannot simply practice in a lake or in a swimming pool. Rough-water practice will be necessary in the event that you are going to go kayaking in rough waters. Your recovery skills are crucial for the success of the entire experience. With this in mind, make sure that you try to practice in a real-life scenario before you go to the actual kayaking destination.

Get Used To Immersion Dressing

Recoveries should be practice in rougher water, as mentioned, but you want to also have the right clothes for this practice. You are basically interested in being sure that you are ready to deal with the different temperature of the water while you are wearing your safety suits. As an example, hypothermia will kill more kayakers than all the other reasons that may be highlighted. Do be sure that you will dress accordingly at all times, even when you practice.

Take Really Good Safety Gear With You

Your safety gear is the main weapon that you have in order to protect yourself from potentially dangerous situations you would meet while kayaking. So many kayakers try to save money and buy cheaper gear. Try not to do this. While you may try to use the lower quality gear when you practice, having that high quality gear when you actually go kayaking is imperative. This includes marine radios, compasses, charts, and the actual safety gear and so on.

Check Weather Conditions before You Go

Your kayaking plan needs to be done before you are going to leave. This does include checking the weather forecast. You basically want to avoid the unsafe kayaking conditions. At the same time, check wind forecast since you will want to use the wind to your advantage. If you know the tides of the day, you can end up riding the tide instead and avoiding the contrary currents.

The Bottom Line

As you can easily notice, there are many things that can be done before you actually go kayaking. Do be sure that you do not underestimate how important safety planning is, even if you will be kayaking in waters that are really easy and warm.