Best surf school in Agadir, Morocco

Best surf school in Agadir, Morocco

Looking to get a good surfing experience here in Morocco? Or maybe you’re just looking for the perfect escape from that morose 9-5 routine? Either way, a good surfing experience is a great way to sooth those frayed nerves as well as get out of the daily grind. Of course deciding on a surf holiday comes with the complications of having to go through all the planning and what not. Let me present to you one of the best Surf School in Morocco:

Introducing, Surf Berbere camp; an all in one surfing vacation resort. Their packages virtually eliminate the hassles involved in getting a superb surfing experience. Starting off is the basic ‘Surf School’. This package includes accommodation for 1 week (bunk bed) and 5 starter lessons along with food; and leading up to the 12 week package.

The 12 week package includes the ultimate zero to hero course and much more. The course is designed to make you a pro at surfing; you also get to take language courses to learn French and English. The best part about this package? The zero percent hassles involved. All food and accommodation are included to ensure your peace of mind and a comfortable stay.

The package and its offerings itself are just the icing on the cake. The real deal itself is the socializing you’ll get to do, the new people you’ll meet and the friends you’ll make. A change of environment is the perfect way to go and what better way than to bond with nature through surf camp. Who knows, the experience might just change your take on life; perhaps you’ll decide the outdoors is the thing for you. You might just get a job in which you get paid for doing something you actually look forward to; rather than a boring desk job. Of course there are exceptions.

There are almost 15 surf spots to choose from. Every package covers the requisites such as surf boards, wetsuits and all; so you don’t have to worry about excess baggage. Surf instructors are qualified by different institutions and are from Europe and around. Don’t worry about the language issue as English goes around with them all.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or pro; Morocco has something for everyone. Beginner lessons allow you to get firsthand experience and pick on crucial tips to help you develop the right muscle memory. Pros can join groups leaving to catch the best waves the city has to offer. Peak seasons are from December to Feb if you’re coming specifically for catching some heavy waves.

All in all, Surf Berbere is a fabulous idea for a vacation. It will simply yank you out of the daily grind you’re used to and be a feast for your dulled and doleful senses. Sometimes we need that reminder about the purpose of life and nothing less than a literal jolt does the job well. Tourists have given an average of 4 and 4+ star ratings to this resort for its exception services. Flexible packages, good exposure; what more could one ask for?