Dressing For Your Outdoor Lifestyle in New Zealand


Our country really is a beautiful place. We’re blessed with sub-tropical conditions in the north and Antarctic blasts in the south. That gives us snowy mountains, rainforests and perfect golden beaches all in one place, which certainly makes up for our unpredictable weather patterns! Therefore it is no surprise that us New Zealanders have such exciting outdoor lifestyles that the rest of the world would be jealous of. If you’re anything like me you’ll be into hiking, boating and many more activities in the wild outdoors.

I recently got to thinking about how I could make my wardrobe a little bit more stylish whilst still retaining an outdoorsy feel. I wanted to be able to go from coffee house to hiking trail without having to go home first to change my outfit! After a bit of research I’ve come up with a few key pieces that can be used for this purpose, so hopefully you’ll find them helpful too.


Outdoor Equipment

outdoor-gearA walk outdoors can be a real pleasure, however, if you take a hike plan poorly or badly equipped, you may regret your experience greatly. Before leaving, here are some essential tips to follow for a ride well done.

Clothing for a successful outdoor excursion:

Hiking boots for hiking in the mountains or walking shoes for flat ground. Make sure you have shoes or boots with good quality breathing. Long pants or leggings. Short for the months May-September through November with a legging. Bring the two is a good idea. Sweater or polypropylene wool.

1000 and 1 things you can do outdoors, second, to look pass free rabbits and hares

Once I was in an outdoor outlet to an ornithological association was organized to observe waterfowl in Caceres, Castilla la Mancha, Madrid, and a curious thing happened …

We had stopped to eat in a mound from which he saw a gap, went full speed when running two rabbits, describing a closed curve without stopping to meet our large group. Two seconds are lost in the distance. At 15 seconds it took nearly as swift, but more awkward, two greyhounds that chase, but meet us were distracted and stopped, which made them keep track of.

People broke into a round of applause for the triumph of the rabbits when they arrived just behind the hunters dog owners. Thing understandable considering that we were all there to make a outdoor activity and related environment, and I’m not talking of course of hunting as “sport”, although, as in this case, a species bred for that in many Spanish hunting, as is the rabbit.


Areas of rock girls

rock-girlsA flat terrain full of rocks girls (smaller than a handball or handball ball) due to soft mineral (conglomerate, limestone, etc.). Usually easy to navigate, but hunting for the joints. However, if these are lining a slope, the issue was more complicated. Therefore:

  • Post is not impossible, but degrades much this type of soil, in addition to fatigue (each step is small collapses beneath our feet that make us somewhat to above).
  • Lower when the stones are small, although it is easy (can be sliding, digging their heels, especially on boulders boys) also impacts seriously on this ground, eroding it too much.